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This New House: Winter is Coming

The temperatures are dropping, the leaves are almost gone and the big question as a homeowner is: are you ready? As a new homeowner, I thought the one thing I knew (especially as a life-long Wisconsin resident) was how to prepare for winter. However, there were several precautions I wasn’t even thinking about when it came to winterizing my home. Here’s a list of three items I’m taking care of before the cold and snow arrive.

  1. Keeping my heating bill costs down. With cold weather comes a higher energy bill because of the heat needed to keep your home habitable. You can protect your pocket by putting up plastic window insulation, adding liners to the bottom of your doors to keep cold air outside, and caulking any cracks on the outside of doors and windows.
  2. Checking my furnace. A furnace that isn’t ready for winter can end up costing you big time. Consider hiring a professional to come and inspect the heater and make sure it is ready to heat your home this winter. Additionally, make sure to replace your filter. If you don’t know how or what size you need, ask the inspector when they come to check on the furnace.
  3. Protecting my pipes. This is the area I wasn’t thinking about when getting ready for the winter. Do you have an outside faucet or two? If water is stored up in the pipe, it could freeze and lead to a very costly repair. Go inside your house and find the shutoff valve for that faucet. It is likely in your basement or crawl space near the wall the faucet is mounted on. After you turn the water off, run the tap until no more water is coming out.

Of course, these are just a few crucial areas when it comes to preparing a home for the winter. Each house might need even more work before the cold comes. Inspect your house or ask a professional to come and give you additional tips to keep safe and save money.

​What are you doing to winterize your home? Let us know by commenting below!


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