80 for 80 Years: Part Twelve (Items 61-65)

It’s been a busy 2017! In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve put together a blog series highlighting 80 different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017. If you missed the first 60 items, head to our blog page to read them!

61. Account opening gifts – Educators wants our members to feel at home when they are with us. When you open an account at Educators, don’t forget your free gift!

62. Low loan rates – Educators keeps the interest rates on our loans low so that members can save their money for their future financial goals.

63. Partnership with AutoWerks – We endorse AutoWerks Pre-owned Auto Sales. For more information on AutoWerks, follow this link.

64. Finding Santa – Educators Credit Union is a sponsor of Just Add Kids Finding Santa directory for 2017.  Finding Santa has a list through the end of December of events where Santa will be present.  To visit the Finding Santa website, follow this link.

65. Now to Wow 2017 – On Monday, Oct. 9, nearly 500 Educators Credit Union employees built 50 bikes to send to the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Milwaukee. Building the bikes was a surprise team-building activity during “Now to Wow,” Educators Credit Union’s annual day of training. After the employees ate lunch, bikes were brought out to tables throughout the conference room at the Crown Plaza Milwaukee Airport and everyone got to work.


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