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Happy Loyalty Pay Back Reward!

Tis the season to Educators’ Loyalty Pay Back Reward! You invest in Educators Credit Union. Now it’s our turn to invest in you! Because you are a loyal Educators member, we’re putting money back into your account with the Loyalty Pay Back Reward. Last year, we returned more than $2.1 million with Loyalty Pay Back to our members. This is Educators’ way to thank you for choosing us.


Loyalty should be rewarded, so here’s how it works:

  • Three to four qualified services earns you $15
  • Five to six qualified services earns you $50
  • Seven or more qualified services earns you $75

How do you plan to spend your reward this year? Let us know in the comments below!

Loyalty Pay Back Reward details are subject to change. Members must be in good standing with no past due loan payments or charged off balances4. Each service category is counted only once. For example: if a member has three share certificates, it would be equal to one qualified service for the Qualified Service Tier calculation. The reward is available for up to two separate account numbers per primary member.

  • Auto Loan or Lease2
  • Business Checking Account3
  • Business Credit Card3 Business Line of Credit3
  • Checking Debit Card1
  • Credit Card1
  • Direct Deposit1
  • eStatements1
  • First Mortgage Home Loan2
  • Home Equity Loan2
  • Individual Retirement Account (IRA)2
  • Investment Services Account2
  • Mobile Banking1
  • Money Market Account2
  • Other Loan – Personal, Student2
  • Share Certificate2

A few services away from a bigger reward? You have until Nov. 30 to add more and increase your return. Use Online Banking, stop in at a branch or call 262.886.5900 to add a new service.

1Service must have active use with at least one posted transaction in November. Logging in to the Educators Mobile Banking app qualifies as Mobile Banking.
2Loan and deposit accounts must have a balance greater than zero on Nov. 30 to qualify. The Rapid Relief Loan, Fresh Start Loan and Credit Rebuilder Loan do not qualify for the reward.
3Business members can only qualify for the $75 reward. For a business to qualify for a $75 Loyalty Pay Back Reward, they must have a business checking, business line of credit and a business credit card with Educators. They have to be open and at least two services have to be active in the month of November.​
4Member’s accounts can not be in the negative and loan payments can not be past due or have charged off balances.

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