Protect yourself from skimming

Skimmers are back in central Wisconsin and Illinois. The little devices are generally attached to ATMs and gas station scanners. When you slide your card, they snag your information.

While skimming is a problem we all face, there are some easy ways to help you avoid becoming a victim:

  • Check the card reader. For scammers to get your information, they need to place a device on the actual card scanner on the ATM or gas pump. They then need to take this device off to collect the info. Because of this, the skimmer is often connected loosely and will move with a firm but gentle tug. If your reader moves at all, immediately inform a company representative or the police.
  • Look at nearby scanners. If your card scanner looks different than the pump next to yours or a similar ATMs, it could be a skimmer.
  • Protect your PIN. Many skimmers need your debit card’s PIN to use it after getting the information. Cover the PIN with your hand to make sure the number pad is only visible to you.
  • Download the Educators Ctrl® The app lets you turn your Educators cards on or off, set geographical spending restrictions, get notifications about your purchases, and more. It can help protect you from fraud or immediately alert you if someone gets your information.

For a demonstration of protecting your information, watch this short video on scamming.



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