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80 for 80 Years: Part Five (Items 21-25)

We’ve had a busy 2017!  In celebration of our 80th anniversary, we’ve put together a blog series highlighting eighty different products, services, events, giveaways and sponsorships that took place in 2017. If you missed our blog posts with the first 20 items, you can find 1-5 here, 6-10 here, 11-15 here and 16-20 here. We will be posting five each week until the end of the year!

21. Shred Days – Educators offers free community shred days at our branch locations throughout the summer. 2017 set a record for the amount of paper shredded across all of our Shred Days. Take a look at our post on Instagram for a little behind the scenes look at how shred days happen!

22. MDA Muscle Walk – Educators once again participated in the MDA Muscle Walk, which took place on April 30 at the Milwaukee County Zoo. The credit union matched $5,000 in team donations for the walk.

23. MAM After Dark – Educators sponsored the Milwaukee Art Museum’s After Dark events in February and August in 2017 and also provided giveaways and volunteers. The February MAM After Dark had a retro 80’s theme, while the August event was Havana-inspired. If you went to either of these events, check out their Flickr page to catch yourself in some photos!

24. Online Account Application – Educators strives to provide convenient services for members, that’s why it’s as easy as going to to apply for an account.

25. Summer Pay Program – This savings account is used to set aside funds for the summer when education-related employee members do not receive paychecks.

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