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This New House: A Fish Outta Water

Although obvious to many, the water bill for my new house was the last thing on my mind. Buying my first house at 23 years old, there was a lot I didn’t know and how to find my water bill and pay it was beyond me.

I moved into my new house this March and just recently realized I was never mailed or contacted about my water bill. Frantically, I called the family friend I bought my house from and asked if he ever received any water bills in his name. When that avenue turned into a dead end, I went online to search who in the world I should contact about the bill. Where’s my bill? Why didn’t I ever get one? Am I going to have a ton of late fees for never receiving my bill? Filled with panic, I found the number for the Water Utility office.

I was lucky. The lady asked for my address and told me the bills had been going to the previous owner. To be completely honest, it’s strange the bill didn’t go to the property address but I was just happy knowing that I had contacted her just in time. She told me she could redirect the bill to the property’s address and I had a month to pay the bill with no late fees.

If you’re looking to purchase your first home or just recently moved into your new house, it’s important to remember all the new bills that come along with it. Instead of working yourself into a frenzy because you forgot about the water bill, call the city right away once you’re officially moved in to make sure the bill comes to the correct address.

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