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Cashing In on Spare Change

It’s 2017, and I can admit, cash is probably the least common way I make purchases. Every so often, I have a $20 bill in my pocket and buy my morning coffee with cash instead of a card. Afterwards, I’m left with something I’m even less likely to use than dollar bills: spare change.

By the time I get home and empty out my pockets, I’m putting that spare change into a coin jar. For the most part, those coins will sit there for years untouched. Recently, I learned just how much a year of gathering change could be worth when I took my coins to my Educators Credit Union branch.

Most Educators branches have coin machines for members to use. Just like the coin machine you might find in a local grocery store, it’s easy to operate, but you’re not losing more than 10 percent of your money in fees. Instead, pour your coins in, make sure there’s no extra debris or pocket lint, and let the machine do its work. Most Educators Credit Union coin machines will ask you for your account number before you count your coins so coins are deposited right to your account.

When I went in, my coins totaled almost $100. Not only was it a nice little bonus, but now it’s in my checking account, so I know I’ll actually use the money instead of letting it just sit in a jar in my kitchen.

Coin machines can be found at most Educators branches. To see if the branch nearest you has a coin machine, visit our Branches & ATMs page and look at the services offered for each location.

Just another perk of being an Educators member. ​

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