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This New House: Get Your Mind in the Gutter

I’ve always known gutters are important, but until owning a house I never understood quite how important. Turns out, the aluminum circling your roof is a crucial part of protecting your home. Without it, water flows directly to your foundation, causing flooding, creating mold and perhaps even causing problems with your foundation.

Once I fully grasped the importance of gutters, I immediately made sure they were working properly. We have a relatively steep roof and I don’t have the tools to get to the second story myself, so my wife and I paid a professional to come and do an inspection. This was much more affordable than what I had pictured, and once he was done he said the house was fine but the garage needed gutters.

“Wait,” I thought. “The garage needs gutters, too?”

The gutter expert took us into our garage and showed us where dirt had obviously been flowing into the garage. He explained it was being brought in there by water and, if we weren’t careful, it could cause bigger problems in the near future.

We asked him to send us a quote. Being cautious, I assumed that this was a tradesperson looking for a way to get money out of us. So, I did my due diligence, called another gutter expert and asked about the flow of dirt. He said something similar to what the first expert had said. My wife and I asked for a second quote and moved forward with getting new gutters.

Thankfully, our inspection ended up being beneficial. After each rainstorm, I go into the garage and check. There’s no more water coming into the garage.

Are your gutters working properly? Make sure you have an annual inspection to assure the water’s going away from your house. The inspection can also include a cleaning, so the experts are taking care of any leaves or other debris that may be stopping your gutters from flowing the right way. ​


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