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This New House: Paint Points

My wife and I bought our first house in the middle of June, but the lease at our apartment didn’t conclude until the end of July. Since we had a little bit of time before we had to be in the house, we thought that we would use the month and a half to take care of a few projects. One of the biggest projects was repainting the office as well as the mantle above our fireplace. There were more significant painting projects as well including the exterior of our house, the living/dining room and also one of our bathrooms. At first, we thought we could tackle the bathroom, but we didn’t trust our skills around objects such as the sink and the toilet.

So, after we collected paint samples to figure out the colors that best suited our tastes, we got to work on the office. We washed the walls, put down the primer, came back the next day and…there were still spots where you could see the previous paint that had been on the wall. So, we put down another layer of primer, and it seemed ready for our paint. Putting up the actual color that we wanted for the room was much more fun, and it was neat to see the feeling of the room change from a plainer color to a more distinct blue. After our first layer of paint, it still had kind of a cloudy look with the primer underneath, but after the second coat, it was exactly what I wanted.

However, since we are novices, painting was both time-consuming and exhausting. My wife tackled the mantle above the fireplace and was much more efficient and successful. It was also a substantially smaller space than an entire office, but I accepted the fact that she definitely carried me when it came to painting. Still, after thinking about all the time and effort we put into painting, we couldn’t imagine how long it would take someone to do our bigger projects.

Thankfully, my wife’s parents had a local painter that they recommended for our bigger or more challenging painting projects. He had worked on their house in the past and had just been there earlier this year when they updated the look of their garage. We were able to book Tony and he did not disappoint, blazing through the three projects in about three and a half days. It was like magic how efficiently he was able to transform the rooms and not get a single drop of paint out of place. Now our home feels more like “ours,” but we still have a lot of work ahead of us.

When it comes to painting, what is your approach? Are you a DIY-er, do you hire someone to help or do you do a mix of both? Let us know in the comments below!

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