Important Changes to the Home Page on

On Tuesday, July 18, we are making some small changes to From now on, each member will see a visitors home page when first coming to the new and improved This new home screen is specially designed for new or potential members to provide information about Educators Credit Union as an organization and informs them about our mission, products, services and community efforts. See the image below for what the web page will look like:

Screen grab from the front page of the new website


Once you have attempted to log in to Online Banking through the introductory home screen, the page will change to the current front page with a few visual tweaks. Online Banking will not be modified and will work the same as it has since the rollout of the new system. You can see how the new page looks below:

Screen grab from the front page of the new website

After logging in to Online Banking, from then on, you will see the standard home page each time you return to If you do not log in after seeing the new introductory site, you will only see the new page.

If you have any questions about this website change, please do not hesitate to contact Educators at 262.886.5900.

2 thoughts on “Important Changes to the Home Page on

  1. I couldn’t get to log in and finally gave up because I had to leave!!
    check to see if it’s working correctly! If the log in was there it was not very noticeable.

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