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What does it mean to be a member?

You see it throughout our web page, on social media and anytime we reach out to you. By having a savings account at Educators Credit Union, you are a member-owner of the credit union. But what does being a member-owner mean? When you make your initial $5 deposit to open your account, you’re becoming part of our financial cooperative, a group of people working towards a common goal.

First, we want to educate you, your peers, other members and the community about their financial decisions. This is important so you can make educated moves that protect you from making bad financial decisions. That’s why our staff won’t try to sell you on an item, but will instead inform you about a service or product that could help you, such as refinancing a loan from another financial with us to get a lower interest rate.

We also promote financial literacy through programs like What’s Your Score?®, a complimentary credit report. When you get your score, a member finance representatives will sit down and review it with you to help you understand what is on your credit report, what your credit score means, and how you can improve or maintain your current score.

By being a member-owner, you’re also helping fund our work in the communities where we work and live. Every year, Educators Credit Union uses 25% of its funds to support the community with financial literacy programs, charitable donations and giving back to our employees, who also make up your neighbors and friends. Financial literacy education is offered to local schools, as well as adults. Members even have access to a complimentary counseling program with GreenPath Financial Counseling™.

It doesn’t stop there! For being member-owners of a not-for-profit cooperative, you get plenty of perks yourself, from low-interest rates on loans, discounts from community partners, free access to products like Picture My Card and money back into your account from our annual Loyalty Payback Reward.

Being a member-owner at Educators Credit Union means more than access to saving and checking accounts, it means you’re helping benefit your fellow members and your community.

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