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E-Services to Keep You at Ease

Summer is the busiest time of year for many people. Cookouts, parties, vacations, the Fourth of July, garage sales, summer league games, the list can go on and on, and it never stops. That’s why Educators Credit Union has made sure that our members have access to online and mobile services when they’re on the go.

  • Mobile Banking app – Our Mobile Banking app is all about giving you the best user experience on your mobile device while on the go— whether you’re using Bill Pay, accessing your accounts, transferring funds or depositing a check using FlashCash.
  • Online Banking – Check account history, pay bills, transfer funds between Educators member accounts or from other financial institutions, see loan balances, make loan payments, create monthly savings goals, create budgets, set up automatic monthly transfers, and much more!
  • Ctrl – The Ctrl app helps you manage all of your Educators debit and credit cards. It can alert you with notifications for transactions, keeps an eye on spending if you set spending limits, enables you to turn your cards on or off with one touch and can also assure your geographical location with location preference settings.
  • Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Android Pay – Pay with a single touch through your mobile device. This is an easy and secure way to pay at over one million different stores.
  • AskAuto – With the AskAuto App, you can research your next vehicle, compare, rank and save notes on vehicles you may want to purchase. The app also lets you apply for a loan anytime, anywhere using your smartphone.
  • ECU Text Messages – If you sign up for the Educators text messages you will learn about specials products and services as well as events and important member notifications.
  • Bill Pay – Save time and money by paying bills promptly, quickly and easily. Schedule payments, make transfers, check your balance, set reminders and more. Bill Pay is free if you pay at least two bills each month. There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay.
  • Change-Up – This savings share is an electronic coin jar. It rounds up your non-PIN debit purchases to the nearest dollar and deposits the difference into a special interest-bearing savings share. All you need is an Educators checking account and to be signed up for eStatements.

Comment below and let us know your favorite Educators e-service!

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