Find the Best Auto Loan for You with AutoSMART and Educators

Educators has teamed up with AutoSMART, a tool and resource to make informed decisions when purchasing a vehicle. It’s free to use and compatible with any device to research and price out the best vehicle for you, on your own time.

AutoSMART connects you to Educators’ preferred dealer network or more than 95 dealers. Use the website to search their vehicles, build your own vehicle and apply to be pre-approved for an auto loan with Educators. Do this all without being hassled by pop-ups or dealers. In fact, the website will only connect you to an Educators Vehicle Specialist.

Through the AutoSMART resource, our Vehicle Specialists can help you:

  • Estimate the trade-in value of your current vehicle
  • Schedule an appointment for you to receive the no-haggle Educators member price on a vehicle
  • Refer you to loan personnel that can pre-approve an auto loan if you need financing

It’s the tool you need to take the stress out of car buying.

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