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What’s Your Score

Educators Credit Union’s “What’s Your Score?” program is a complimentary and excellent way to check up on your credit score. If you are a member, you can come into any branch to sit down with a member finance representative to pull a soft hit on your credit so you can look for ways to improve or maintain your score. This soft hit does not negatively impact your credit score, so it is a safe and easy way to keep yourself in the know on your score.

Not only is this a great way for you to keep your score in check, but this is also a great tool to make sure that your information has not been compromised. Doesn’t it seem like you always hear about new data breaches where your information could have been stolen? Our “What’s Your Score?” program is the perfect solution to protect your identity and protect yourself from fraud.

Taking the time you use our “What’s Your Score?” program can also save you money. When you come into a branch to have your credit pulled, the member finance representative can check to see that you have the lowest interest rates possible on your loans. They look for ways to help you save and can offer you better loan programs that cater to your budget.

Don’t forget about our Lending a Hand program. If we have already helped you save money on your loans, you can refer a friend and earn $25! Check out this link to get all the details.

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