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Grilling on a budget: Saving money on your summer cookout

With cookout season approaching, we asked India Debe, a blogger from the Educators blog team to spread some tips and tricks for grilling out this summer.

Who doesn’t love a sizzling steak in the summer time or a big scoop of potato salad on your plate? Summer is a time for relaxing and enjoying the great outdoors with your family, but sometimes, that can come at a pretty hefty cost…

The average cost to host a barbeque is just shy of $60, not including side dishes and drinks. If you are hosting one every weekend during the summer months, you are looking at a whopping $900 worth of summer spending!

To alleviate those costs a bit, here are some tips to help you budget accordingly:

  • Buy meat in bulk at the beginning of summer: if you wash, cut, and pre-package portions out for the parties and freeze what you aren’t using right away, you’ll save on cost and trips to the grocery store too!
  • Invite your guests to bring a dish to pass; when the cost is spread out among everyone, it not only saves the hostess on their hard-earned cash but it also can bring new and exciting foods to the table to share.
  • Save up for the summer time by opening a Vacations Savings Share through ECU; by the time summer rolls around, you’ll have some cash stocked up to be able to spend on your BBQ Bash without worrying.

With these quick and easy money-saving tips, you’ll be partying in no time! So kick up your feet, turn on those tunes, and start saving for Summer ’17.

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