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Teacher Appreciation Week – Meet Mrs. Morrissette!

Today we are celebrating Educators member and teacher, Mrs. Laura Morrissette. Mrs. Morrissette teaches at Bradford High School in Kenosha. She has been teaching for more than 33 years and has spent 27 years at Bradford alone.

Photo of Mrs. Laura Morrissette, a teacher at Bradford High School in Kenosha

Mrs. Morrissette began with receiving her associate’s degree at a technical college. It took her about 2 ½ years for her to figure out that teaching was her calling. She realized she loved working with students when she was volunteering at church activities and collaborating with other teachers throughout college. She then transferred to UW-Whitewater to not only receive her undergrad in Business Education but also complete her Masters in Teaching with a Business Education emphasis.

Mrs. Morrissette teaches an array of classes, so her schedule is quite full. She teaches: Computer Applications, Starting a Business, Leadership, Accounting, Advanced Accounting, and Business and Personal Law in addition to helping out with Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and running the school’s Educators Credit Union branch for four years. She takes on hiring the students, completing their interviews and background checks, and managing them throughout their workday. Since Kenosha Unified School District does not have a business co-op program, this is a great opportunity for students to gain real-world experience. The students get work experience and volunteer hours for working at the Bradford branch. They work on a point system and get rewarded at the end of the year for being on time, cleaning up and getting new members to join Educators.

Due to her heavy load of classes, clubs and responsibilities, the most challenging aspect of Mrs. Morrissette’s job is preparing for each day’s duties. She also said another difficulty is “…the kids themselves can be a challenge, but that’s what makes teaching unique from other jobs because with every day, you don’t know what’s going to happen. Where with an office job, it’s basically the same thing, day in and day out, but with teaching, it’s not anything like that. And I like variety and those days of surprises.”

The good always outweighs the bad though. Her favorite moments are when she sees it clicking in student’s heads.

“I like when the kids get it, all of a sudden and it’s like ‘AH! That makes sense!’ That is fun,” Mrs. Morrissette said.

She also loves to see the success of her students in FBLA when they are training for leadership roles, completing community service and competing.

Her greatest successes are when she can watch students she had in classes excel in their future endeavors. She got to see a former FBLA student who went to nationals in accounting become the head accountant for Kenosha Unified School District. One of her former students went to law school and became a lawyer immediately out of school as well. Mrs. Morrissette is more than excited to watch her students become successful in her area of expertise.

When asking about Mrs. Morrissette’s favorite part about being an Educators Credit Union member, she said, “Educators is, I believe, an awesome place to have an account and be a part of. It’s given me the opportunity to work with students more but also as a member myself, there are so many perks! It just has a lot going for it and it’s a homey place to a member versus a financial institution where you are just another number and not a person.”

Educators Credit Union encourages you to reach out to your teachers and thank them for all that they do. If you are looking for a creative way to show your teachers appreciation, head over to the Educators’ Pinterest page and check out the teacher appreciation board.

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