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Junior Achievement of Wisconsin and Educators

Educators Credit Union financially supports the Junior Achievement of Wisconsin (JA) located in Milwaukee. Educators also coordinates many volunteers for their programs as well. The JA Kohl’s Education Center is home to JA Biztown and JA Finance Park. These programs give more than 20,000 students the opportunity to learn about entrepreneurship, budgeting, savings, and debt each year. Junior Achievement has been promoting business education for students since 1919. The students that participate come out of the program with an understanding of business concepts and economics.

The JA Biztown program is a hand’s on learning experience where elementary school students are assigned an occupation at a local business and run the economy of a life-like city. This is an excellent program that teaches students how a local economy runs and is structured. They could work at a financial cooperative, a restaurant, a department store, a radio station, city hall or other various businesses located in the city. The students are also assigned positions, which include: CEO’s, a mayor, managers, associates, etc. The students will work in their position and then receive paychecks, where in turn, they become consumers by being able to spend or save their paycheck, as they desire. They learn other important skills and concepts like: teamwork, cooperation, organization and public speaking. JA Biztown curriculum is correlated to common core and Wisconsin’s academic standards.

JA Finance Park is a month long program for middle and high school students designed to teach them how to make intelligent financial decisions, including topics of: income, expenses, savings, credit and career choices. This program is composed of 13 hands on, in-class lessons and a day-long visit to a fully interactive, simulated town, similar to JA Biztown. The students create a budget with their assigned income scenarios, allocate for expenses and decide on personal investments. JA Finance Park covers an array of topics essential for students who soon will be making major life decisions on their own, including: finances, taxes, interest rates, the difference between needs and wants, financial risks, and wages. This program is an eye-opening experience for young adults that furthers their awareness of necessary life skills. JA Finance Park’s curriculum, like JA Biztown, is correlated to common core and Wisconsin’s academic standards.

Educators Credit Union is dedicated to financial literacy for all ages and believes that financial learning should start early on with students. That is why we find it essential to support Junior Achievement of Wisconsin and all that it offers students.

For further information on JA, head over to https://www.juniorachievement.org/web/ja-usa/home. If you are an educator interested in JA or would like more information on how Educators supports this organization, please do not hesitate to call Victor Frasher at 262.884.6630 or victorf@ecu.com.

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