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EverFi and Banzai at Educators

Educators Credit Union has teamed up with two different programs to help our youth learn critical financial skills: EverFi and Banzai.

EverFi is a financial course that includes 3D games, models, simulations, social media, activities and more to assess and certify students in critical financial literacy skills. It has free virtual courses geared towards various grade levels so that students can learn a variety of proficiencies catered towards their age. These skills include: saving, budgeting and paying for unplanned occurrences that life throws at you. With this partnership, Educators has made this program free to local classrooms. If your classroom completes the modules for EverFi, there is a certification ceremony to honor the students and teachers!

This year, Victor Frasher, our director of community engagement, attended the 2017 Financial Capability Innovation Awards in New York on April 11 presented by EverFi. Educators received the “Impact Award” at the event to recognize our significant efforts to improve the financial capability of the Southeastern Wisconsin community through unique digital learning initiatives.

Photo of Victor Fraser at NASDAQ in NYC

Banzai is a free classroom resource for elementary, middle and high school students. Teachers can use this resource within their lesson plans to teach students about real world budgeting and spending. Whether it’s navigating taxes or paying auto insurance, Banzai introduces students to the real world with an online course and an activity book to be used alongside of the virtual experience. As an added benefit of the programs, the topics Banzai covers fulfill many state-mandated requirements for personal finance and financial literacy.

For more information on these programs head over to or If you are a teacher interested in incorporating this program into your lesson plans and would like Educators to sponsor it for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to Victor Frasher at 262.884.6630 or

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