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How to Get Your Spring Break On

Despite having a semi-tame winter here in Wisconsin, many people plan to take warm vacations over spring break to soak in the sun someplace other than the Midwest. Vacation, although supposed to be relaxing and stress-free, can be a nerve-wracking and tense topic if you are living on a tight, paycheck-to-paycheck budget. Luckily, Educators Credit Union has many tools and resources to help you save for that escape to sandy beaches and hot sun!

Now hopefully you have a few months to financially prepare for this getaway so you aren’t scrambling to have the funds to support it. Educators Credit Union has two ways in particular to help you save for spring break:

  • Vacation Club Savings: This savings can help you put away money all throughout the year to save for spring break or a vacation over the summer months. You can add funds to this account whenever you’d like. The funds will be automatically transferred either into your Prime Share Savings account or Checking account on June 1 to use at your convenience. If you are taking that spring break trip in March or April, you can withdraw the funds then with no fee or penalty. This savings share can be opened on your account through Online Banking, by coming into any Educators branch or by calling (262) 886-5900.
    • Added bonus! If you use our Online Banking through, you can log in, click on the Dashboard widget on the left-hand side of your page if you are not already on the Dashboard page, and click the blue settings tool in the top right corner. This gives you the option to “hide” any share account from your accounts page while you are saving. This is a great way to trick your mind into forgetting about the share so you don’t spend what you need to save in order to have a blast on vacation.
      • This works well if you have an automatic transfer set up to the Vacation Club Savings because it will keep growing without you even noticing.
  • Change-Up Savings: If you have a Checking account with a debit card at Educators Credit Union, the Change-Up Savings is an amazing way to save an extra bit of money without having to do anything except use your debit card. When you use your debit card to make non-PIN purchases, we round up the amount and deposit the change into your Change-Up savings account. This is done automatically so that you are saving without having to set up an automatic transfer. Not only is this share convenient, but it earns a higher interest rate than your Prime Share Savings.

Educators is passionate about educating and advising you on ways to best save for the things in life you want to see and experience.

Comment below and let us know what fun vacations you have planned this year!

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