Lizz’s Tricks, Treats & Tips for Halloween

This is the first blog post from our new blog team member Lizz

Whether you’re a Halloween fanatic or someone who would like to pass October right on by and get to the turkey and lights of the holiday season, Halloween is inevitable. If you are the type of person that could do without the scary haunted houses, costumes and decorations there are still some aspects of Halloween that no one can easily deny are more than exciting! Candy, and loads of it, hysterically clever costumes, parties with friends and family, carving pumpkins, and if you are lucky enough to have a mom like I do, plenty of homemade caramel candies. But that’s the catch about Halloween, it can be very expensive. I have found that planning Halloween out in advance is way easier on your checking account than waiting until October 30th to figure out your costume and scramble to buy candy and decorations.

Costumes can be very pricy, whether you are buying them for your children or yourself. A trick (pun intended!), I learned about buying costumes is looking at what you own first and going from there. This year I was watching one of my favorite television shows and noticed that one of the characters on the show had a blue skirt on, black and white tennis shoes, and glasses just like mine. I looked at the rest of her costume and realized all I would have to buy is a shirt, some tube socks, and a wig, and voila, I would be Tina Belcher. If you start looking in your closet for what you might already have, that will not only give you ideas for costumes, but help you save a few bucks instead of buying a brand new costume.

I know another trend within my friend group is to swap costumes or even go to a second hand store to see what costumes they have donated from other Halloween gurus. This can save you some big dollars because you’re avoiding the full priced costumes from stores when all in all, the costume at the thrift store was probably only worn once! I would of course make sure to wash the costume before debuting it out on October 31st!

Perhaps you’re not only in need of a costume, but you’re throwing a party too. That in itself can be more than overwhelming when thinking about the costs of food, drink, candy, decorations and so on. One of my favorite aspects of having an account at Educator’s is our VIP share. If you open a VIP share and deposit into it once a month (any amount) for a whole year & don’t withdraw from it during this period of time, you will get a bonus at the end of the 12 months! So, if you know you are going to want to throw a party for Halloween for the following year, or even save up for that costume you’ve always wanted to splurge on, you could open a VIP share on your account in September in planning for the following year to use in October for all of your Halloween festivities!

What are some of your tips or tricks for saving for Halloween? Comment and share with us below!