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3 videos to make your vacation packing easier

It’s summer and that means vacation, which means packing. Whether you’re packing for a flight or a road trip, packing everything you need into a small suitcase can be intimidating.

If just taking less stuff is out of the question, what you need is some travel packing hacks – ways to make packing easy and to get more stuff in the same suitcase.

Here are three great videos that will give you some great travel packing hacks to help you make it to your destination with everything you want to bring.

Buzzfeed’s “Insanely Easy” Travel Packing hacks

Some of these are pretty well known hacks, like rolling your clothes instead of folding them, but they are all pretty helpful.

Travel Channel’s Easy Travel Hacks

There are only three hacks on this Travel Channel Facebook video, but they are pretty good. Check them out.

Howdini’s 12 Travel Packing Tips

These 12 (some are repeats from above videos) tips are useful and offer some alternatives to other hacks.

I like the Press n Seal wrap for delicate necklaces. It’s an ingenious way to protect them and keep them from getting knotted up.

Call Educators

Be sure to call Educators (or your credit card issuer) to let them know when and where you’re traveling. This will help avoid your credit card being declined because the issuer suspects fraud. Check out this blog post for details on this part of your vacation prep.

What’s your favorite travel packing hack? Share it in the comments.



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