July — a month of saving

We’re creatures of habit. And retailers are, too. They have a month-to-month routine on what they put on sale. And July savings can be plentiful, if you know what to look for.

It’s good to have a plan and budget for items that go on sale or clearance during certain times of the year. I personally have a small reserve in place to buy items on sale for birthdays or Christmas gifts. I can hang on to my purchases until I need them and know I got a good deal — it saves on paying full price for that last minute gift. If you’re able to add some of the items below into your budget for July, you can catch them on sale or in the clearance aisle this month.

Fruit — Fruit is not only the freshest item right now, there’s an over-abundance for grocers at this time of year. It’s great for us because we can bargain shop at grocery stores and farmer’s markets and reap the savings.

Summer wear — Retailers have to make room for back-to-school supplies and (dare I say it) … the holidays? Keep an eye out for discounts on shorts, tees, tanks, etc. this month.

Jewelry — It is kind of a slow time for jewelers right now (because winter is so far off), which allows them to offer great discounts both in stores and online. If you’re planning on popping the question over the holidays or in February, check out what’s on sale now.

Cars — This is not only a shameless plug for us … but car dealers really do begin gearing up sales right about now to make room for next year’s inventory. Watch our website for the Educators and AutoWerks summer used car sale and lease event that will go from July 8 to 16. AutoWerks is providing their lowest prices of the year, when you match that with Educators low rates and quick turnaround on financing, you can get yourself a new vehicle in no time!

July is considered a HUGE “holiday” advertising month for retailers. They will bring out a number of “deep discounts” on big ticket items during the month to keep their inventory fresh AND a lot of “new” items get released for sale in the next few months so retailers need to make room. If you see any great deals that weren’t mentioned, please share with us on the comments below!

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