Is your browser up to date? Online and Mobile Banking access may be affected

As of June 21, there will be new minimum browser requirements for Educators Online and Mobile Banking.

Data show that most users are using compatible browsers and their ability to use Online and Mobile Banking will not be impacted. However, about a quarter of our users are using outdated browsers and may not be able to access Educators Online and Mobile Banking services until browsers or mobile device operating systems are updated.

The browser updates allow us to keep up with the latest industry standard security protocols and help mitigate weaknesses that may be present in outdated browsers.

Many browsers and some mobile devices automatically update to the latest versions, but it’s a good idea to check your browsers and mobile devices to be certain you will not lose access to Educators Online and Mobile Banking.

The minimum requirements

Here are the minimum requirements that will go into effect June 21:

  • Chrome: version 44
  • Firefox: version 38
  • Internet Explorer: version 11
  • Safari: version 8
  • Android: version 5.0
  • iOs: version 8.0
  • Windows Phone: version 8.1 or IE Mobile 11

How to check

Supported browsersTo check your browser’s version, you can click the “Supported Browsers” link in the Online Banking login box at The program will run a quick check and let you know if your browser is supported. If it is not supported, there are download links to the most recent versions of your favorite browsers displayed on the page.

On your phone, check your profile or software information in your settings menu to verify you meet the above minimum requirements.

If you have additional questions, please contact us at (262) 886-5900 or (800) 236-5898 to discuss these changes.



2 thoughts on “Is your browser up to date? Online and Mobile Banking access may be affected

  1. OK my browser is outdated. Where in all your information does it explain how to change to a workable browser?

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