Fake fraud call is the latest in scamming

The US Secret Service is reporting a wave of PIN reset attacks, and Educators members are experiencing this, as well. It all starts with a fake fraud call.

Scammers call members with fraudulently obtained information – cardholder name, full card number and expiration date. They purport to be from the financial institution’s fraud monitoring system and obtain the last four digits of the cardholder’s Social Security Number and verify transaction history.

They then call the financial institution’s automated PIN reset system, change the PIN and clear out the account.

Educators is encouraging all members, and especially our debit cardholders to be very wary and know the signs of a fake fraud call. The fraud often happens on a weekend.

One important note: Be sure your personal information is current and up to date with Educators — your address, current phone number(s) and an active email address are important to allow us to help you combat possible fraud.

Is this a fake fraud call? How to tell

  • Know your institution’s fraud monitoring steps and system. Educators Credit Union’s system is laid out here. Specifically, members should have received an email and a text message prior to an automated call, which will come from 1-800-417-4592.
  • Know what identifying information your financial institution’s fraud monitoring system will have and what they will ask you to verify your identity. Educators’ fraud monitoring system will only ask you to verify your ZIP code. They will NOT ask you to verify the last four of your SSN, your account or your PIN.
  • If you are unsure of a call’s legitimacy, hang up and call your financial institution using known numbers or a phone number you look up yourself.

Get in Ctrl

One way to help protect your Educators debit and credit cards from fraud is to download the new Ctrl app from Educators.

You can turn your cards on and off with just a swipe. That means you can avoid fraud by turning your debit or credit card off when you aren’t using it, even if your card information has been compromised

You can also set limits based on geography, transaction type, merchant type and more. You can also get notifications on your mobile device of pending charges, so you know when your cards are being used.

Download Ctrl at bit.ly/ecuctrl for your mobile phone.