Take Educators on a Valentine’s Day Double Date!

Valentine’s Day is this weekend! That statement probably elicited some emotion in you. Which emotion probably depends on your situation.

Like fear. If you haven’t found the right gift for your SO yet or forgot about the holiday, you might have some fear.

Or loathing. If you’re single and think the celebration of love is just rubbing it in your face, you may have felt loathing.

Or anxiety. Or indifference. Or hostility. Or any of the number of other emotions that Valentine’s Day can incite.

Double Points

But here’s some news that will make you happy, no matter how you feel about Valentine’s Day: Double Points on Valentine’s Day when you use your Educators credit or debit cards.

That’s right, when you use your Educators credit or debit card to spring for dinner, buy that super-last-minute gifts, or even for just regular stuff, too, on Valentine’s Day, you’ll get DOUBLE POINTS. That’s 2 points for every $1 spent using your Educators credit card and 1 point for every $1 spent using your Educators debit card.

You can save those Points to redeem for cash, or a loan rate discount or a savings rate boost, or any number of things.