Get your Loyalty on!

Today is one of those days where it, very literally, pays to be an Educators member.

There is always a payoff, when you’re greeted warmly walking into a branch or knowing that you’re not paying fees that other financial institutions have, but the Loyalty Pay Back Reward is special.

You’re getting money back for being a loyal member of the cooperative. This year, more than $2 million was returned to members with the Loyalty Pay Back Reward!

Educators Credit Union, and all credit unions, are cooperatives. Being a cooperative means that the members own the cooperative. That’s what it means to be a member-owner.

And loyalty is an important part of the cooperative idea. The more the members participate and invest in the credit union, the stronger the credit union becomes, which returns benefits to the members. It’s why the Loyalty Pay Back Reward is based on number of services a member has, rather than the size of deposits or length of membership.

Check out more information on the Loyalty Pay Back Reward and other ways being a member-owner of a credit union is a different way to take care of your finances.



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