ATMs hit by skimmers

Educators Credit Union and some of its members have been hit by the growing credit and debit card fraud across the financial industry in the United States.

Five Educators ATMs had skimmers placed for several hours recently. The locations and dates are:

    • Rapids Drive in Racine on September 6
    • Loomis Road in Milwaukee on September 12
    • Kenosha on September 12
    • Appleton Avenue (2nd ATM) in Milwaukee on September 12
    • Park Place in Milwaukee on September 12


We have analyzed accounts and have contacted members whose debit cards were used at those machines and thus are at a high risk for fraud.

We are taking additional steps to block possible fraud through our card processor, as well as steps to ensure the safety of our ATMs.

If you have been affected by fraud, these are the steps we encourage you to take:

  • Call Educators at 800-236-5898 to have your card blocked and report the fraud. You can have a new debit card issued instantly at local branches or one can be mailed to you. After hours, call the lost or stolen card line at 1-800-682-6075.
  • File a report with your local law enforcement agency. This is not a requirement for refund of money taken fraudulently, however more information may help police find the people responsible.
  • Download the Ctrl app by Educators. Search “Educators CU Ctrl” in your app store. Load your Educators credit and debit cards into the app and you can turn the cards on and off with a swipe, or set geographic limits that wouldn’t allow fraud to go through, even if the number was compromised.

When you visit any ATM, we encourage you to take these steps to help protect yourself:

  • Use your free hand to cover the keypad as you enter your PIN. The PIN is needed to allow future use of any card information that is gained through the reader.
  • Watch for unusual marks, scratches or loose pieces of equipment on any card reader, especially ones you are not familiar with, including card readers on pay-at-the-pump gas stations as well as ATMs.
  • Inspect the ATM itself, touching the card reader especially. Skimming equipment is often loosely attached for easy removal. If it’s loose or comes off, you have likely discovered a card reader.
  • If you think the ATM may have a skimmer on it, report it to the financial institution/ATM owner or call law enforcement.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and share our members’ feelings of violation and anger regarding this fraud. We are taking all the steps we can to ensure that Educators continues to be a safe place for our members to put their money.

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