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The main reason people don’t change the little things in their lives is because it is viewed as a hassle. It will take too much time, too much work, effort, etc. But when it comes to your money you need to understand two truths: one, upgrading your situation is easy, and two, your money can grow, even if you don’t touch it.

It all starts with your checking and savings accounts. Do you have real-time posting, Online Banking that you can do free of charge, electronic alerts so you stay informed and protected, no minimum balance and overdraft protection?

There is no need to settle for a basic checking account. Get with Educators Credit Union to ensure you have the best checking account that comes with all the bells and whistles.

Ready to get started? Click here to open a new checking account.

Curious about the savings accounts offered by Educators? Get more out of your money by clicking here.



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