Oh yeah, I love my slow cooker!

It seems like I go through this every year: During the summer, with the busy running around, going to fairs and festivals, parties and family gathering and grilling out, my poor slow cooker sits in the pantry, gathering dust.

(Time to come clean: I actually own two slow cookers; three if you count that little party dipper one that came with the programmable one. And I use them. OK, I feel better having gotten that off my chest.)

Then back-to-school time and fall hit and I rediscover the joys of the slow cooker.

And now, it appears, is that time!

The Magical Slow Cooker blog posted earlier this month their collection of 20 Back-To-School Slow Cooker Dinners. And there are a lot of great ones — some classic slow cooker meals like stew and soup, and some out of the ordinary slow cooker recipes, like lasagna and meatloaf.

I love meatloaf. I am pretty picky about texture and flavor of meatloaf, which mostly means I just eat meatloaf I make. But I’ve never thought about making meatloaf in my slow cooker. I may have to give this recipe a try. It looks like it’s pretty easy to adjust the flavor.

There are quite a few other recipes I may be trying to: The Hurry Chicken and the Chicken Enchilada Casserole are at the top of the list.

This one isn’t on Magical Slow Cooker’s post, but it’s my favorite slow cooker recipe of all time: cheeseburger soup. I also like to add fresh mushrooms and crispy bacon at the very end. Word of advice: don’t skip the sour cream. It definitely adds to the melding of the flavors for a great soup!

What’s your favorite slow cooker meal? Share it in the comments below.



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