Second-hand swag: Feeding the shopping hunger at thrift stores

As a college student, it’s really hard to find a hobby that I enjoy that doesn’t cost me a lot of money.

The hobbies I most enjoy can end up costing me a lot, like shopping. I love shopping. I could spend the rest of my life shopping and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Unfortunately, being a college student and only working part time, I don’t really have the means to do that. Buyer’s remorse was becoming a constant feeling in my life and I realized I needed to find a hobby that replaced shopping, but still gave me the same satisfaction.

I have found that thrift shopping is an awesome way to get my fix in without breaking my budget. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, furniture, or jewelry, I’m all for it! It’s really fun for me to figure out how much money I save if I bought the item full price or brand new. It’s like a game for me.

I also really enjoy vintage items and antiques, so when I can find either of these for cheap, I get really excited. The saying “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” is definitely something I agree with. Being able to give something a second chance, if you will, is an awesome feeling and I love doing it!

I love getting furniture and fixing it up or painting it and watching it transform from someone else’s furniture into my own.

A majority of my room is decorated in knick knacks I’ve found at thrift shops that cost me half the price of anything I would have ever found at Target or Kohl’s. Not only do I save a lot by doing it but also I find things I would never be able to find at a normal department store. Target doesn’t have vintage broaches that your grandmother would have worn, that is for sure.

Value Village, Goodwill, and The Thrift Store are my three favorite places to go thrifting. I especially like Value Village on half-off days because it feels like they are almost paying me to shop there!

(Infographic from Stylewise, a great blog on shopping)

Do you thrift? What are some of your best finds? Share in the comments below.

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