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Why should I shred my documents?

There are several reasons.

Security: You have a pile of documents you don’’t need to keep anymore. If you put them in your recycling bin with your old newspapers, you lose track of them. They will likely be recycled, but you’’re giving them to people and a company that doesn’’t have any vested interest in keeping your information safe. If a piece of paper blows away or someone goes “Dumpster diving” to get information, there’’s no responsibility to prevent it or even to inform you. That’’s why it’s better to shred. And Iron Mountain is an industry leader in mobile document destruction, which means you can have faith that your documents will be secure until they are shredded.

Prevent identity theft and fraud: This is closely related to security. Most identity theft starts when people don’t dispose of documents in a secure way. If you toss your personal documents into the trash or even the recycling bin, you lose security and open yourself up to identity theft.

Help save the earth: After your documents are shredded, they are sent to a mill to be “pulped” for recycling. Recycling paper is infinitely easier on the environment. When one ton (2,000 pounds) of paper is recycled, 7,000 gallons of water and between 17 and 31 trees are saved. Additionally, almost 60 pounds of air pollution is not expelled!

Shredding your personal documents is good all around. Happy shredding!



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