The emotions behind money in a great blog post

Remember the list of great personal finance blogs I posted earlier this month? Well, one of those blog is Budgetsare$ I’ve read Budgetsare$ for a while now and I appreciate J. Money (uh, not his real name) and his financial advice.

I especially appreciate his Side Hustle series. People who have great side hustles share how they got their side hustle, the pros and cons of their side hustle, how much they make on their side hustle and how you can make it your own side hustle. It’s fascinating and encouraging if you’re looking for ways to make more money.

Well, J. Money is on vacation right now, but before he the vacation he wrote a post titled “If this were my last post on money…” and it’s fascinating.

In the post, J. Money shares the stuff he’d want us all to know about personal finance. Things like, “Managing money is easy once you figure it out” and “The only one who cares about your money is you.”

It’s a fascinating read and it’s full of the emotional stuff that is behind money issues, that often keeps us from reaching our personal financial goals.

That’s really what I love about J. Money and Budgetsare$ is that he talks about all that stuff. It’s easy to talk about the logical side of money management and personal finance, but it’s often the emotional stuff that messes up our efforts to achieve our personal goals.

And J. Money talks about it. He talks about how the right debt repayment plan is the one that works for you, and how the goal isn’t about a certain amount of money but about freedom and living life on your own terms.

It’s a great blog and a wonderful way to get started on your personal financial journey, or re-ignite your inspiration, or find that thing to get you over the hump… and it’s really well written.

What emotional issues may be holding your back financially?



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