Ready to Buy a Home? Educators Can Help, Part II

Both buyers and sellers have seen big fluctuations in the housing market. Everyone is just starting to get whole after the housing market crash nearly a decade ago. As the economy turns back around, more houses are being listed and there has been a slight increase in home values.

When home values increase, it can be good for both parties as long as interest rates stay low. The seller will more likely get the value they think is fair for the home, and the buyer will be able to get the financing they need to purchase the home they want.

Educators is here to help member-owners find the perfect home through a series of programs. If you are a first-time home buyer, then Educators will help you offset some of your initial costs.

With the first-time buyer program, closing costs are covered and you are only responsible for a small down payment. With all of the fees, expenses and title issues, closing costs can add up quick, making it hard for you to do a few changes right when you move in.

The competitive rates from Educators will allow you to be comfortable in your home after you pay your mortgage every month. You can also take advantage of the helpful resources and get your questions and concerns answered right away from the great staff.

Make the change now and apply for a home loan today.



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