Ready to Buy a Home? Educators Can Help, Part I

If you are shopping for a home, then it is a very exciting time. There are so many different neighborhoods, home styles, amenities and prices that you could spend years going through them all.

You will have to find the right home to fit what you want and need, but once you have it narrowed down, Educators can help you with the next step—financing.

A decade ago, financial institutions were lending money to people to buy homes at an alarming rate. Your credit history, income and assets were all brushed aside as getting people into new homes was the only goal.

As too many people in Wisconsin and across the United States soon realized first hand, people were buying houses they couldn’t afford. Some of it had to do with predatory loans, high interest rates or a monthly mortgage payment that was simply more than they could pay.

As a result, residents in Racine, Milwaukee and throughout the state lost their homes and fell further into debt or had to deal with bad credit.

Educators wants to help those hit by the bad housing market to get back on their feet and get into a new home, and for those who are going to be buying for the first time, Educators wants you to have the best rates and assistance so you stay in your home as long as you want to be there.

2 thoughts on “Ready to Buy a Home? Educators Can Help, Part I

  1. Does ECU offer new home building loans? We are considering building a new home with a company called UBuildit.

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