Educators in the Community

As a financial institution, it’s one thing to say that you care about the people that come through the front doors every day. It’s another thing to show that you are invested in the community and the people through actions and initiatives.

When a local community or neighborhood is thriving, everyone wins. Shops and restaurants are able to exist and thrive, the economy benefits and there is an overall sense of contentment. Educators wants to help those positive aspects to continue to thrive throughout Wisconsin.

Educators has a long history of supporting non-profits as well as raising funds and awareness for the United Way. Through basket raffles, vendor fairs, food sales and even allowing the Educators staff to donate in order to dress down, Educators is constantly involved in the helping process.

In Milwaukee, for example, Educators has partnered with the local fire station for their event that gives kids backpacks as they prepare to go back to school.

From fighting hunger to Relay for Life, Educators is committed to using their extensive resources to help the less fortunate throughout the state of Wisconsin.

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