Do More with Visa Business Platinum

There’s no reason your operation should be slowed down or the growth of your company halted because you can’t make the financial transactions you need to complete.

Pay for your everyday business transactions in a more convenient and easy way with the Business Visa Platinum Card from Educators. Just swipe and go without the extra hassle of accounting or having to deal with cash.

There are a couple of key benefits that separate the Visa Business card from the rest. For starters, it is a fixed rate. So you don’t have to worry about your interest charges shooting up month to month. And the rate is at a low 8.90 percent APR.

After a year of use, you won’t be expected to pay a renewal or an annual fee. It’s your card and Educators wants you to continue to use it.

In terms of a credit limit, with the Business Visa Platinum Card, you may be able to qualify for a card limit up to $25,000. And within that limit, the more you spend, the more you save as you can earn Reward Points on purchases when you use the card.

Make your daily business operations a whole lot easier with the Visa Business Card; you will even be qualified for Concierge Services and Travel Accident Insurance.

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