Identity Theft Protection Tips, Part I

Every day, credit card companies and financial institutions get reports of stolen cards, the misuse of funds and people trying to steal someone else’s identity. Although it is a frightening phenomenon, you can use a few simple tricks and a little common sense to help protect you.

Protection starts with where you keep your money. Would you prefer to have your money in a safe with cardboard walls or metal ones? Financial institutions have to have security and protection that goes beyond locks and bars.

Do you have easy access to information on how to put your account on hold and to freeze future transactions? Here is a PDF from Educators to help guide you in the event that you would need to quickly freeze your credit files.

That PDF also has sample letters to three different credit agencies to give you a better understanding. You can also find out about what they recommend within their credit union as the best practices and what to do if you are a victim.

If you feel that your current financial institution does not offer the identity theft protection and support you need, make the switch to Educators so you can be fully protected.

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