Auto & Lease makes car buying ‘painless’

Kim and Rick Schoening have both been members of Educators since they were teenagers, but it wasn’t until 2013 that they decided to take Educators Auto & Lease services out for a spin.

Rick said it was the couple’s desire to lease a vehicle for the first time that led them to talk to Tim Starck, an Educators’ Vehicle Acquisition Specialist. Kim’s deep dislike of dealer negotiations meant she had no objections to the plan.

“We have had an SUV for a long time, and we wanted to try a big car,” he said. “So we thought we’d try leasing. Tim explained the difference between an Educators lease and a dealer lease.”

Kim was a fan of the ease of the deal. “It was painless,” she said.

When the car was delivered, Kim and Rick were at the branch for 25 minutes. And “it would have been even quicker if the license plate screws would have come out,” Rick said.

And now? They are planning on working with Tim again soon. Because, as it turns out, “we are an SUV family,” Rick said.

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