Great service + education = an amazing shopping experience

I made a commitment to myself last fall to get to the gym and have a healthier lifestyle. On a weekly basis I have been going to 2-3 exercise classes (some are at 5 am!), working out with my personal trainer once a week and getting to the gym 1-2 more times for a good cardio workout.

Just last week, I finally invested in a nice pair of running shoes that I purchased from Performance Running Outfitters in Brookfield. I have been using them for the last three days and they are AMAZING!! These shoes make my workouts so much better. I never ever realized how much better a more supportive shoe can do for you.

The service that I received when I went to the store was impeccable. I highly recommend going there if you or someone you know is looking to purchase new shoes for fitness. I was greeted by a huge staff when I walked in and was immediately helped by a young man named Tom. Before he did the standard shoe measure and what not, he first sat down with me to talk about what type of activity I needed shoes for.

Afterward, he escorted me to a treadmill in the back of the store and had me run on it with my regular shoes on so he could observe my foot pattern. He even took video with an iPad. As soon as I got off he told me the type of steps I was taking, what direction my ankles were going, etc. I watched the video of my feet several times so I could understand what he was telling me. He brought me back to my seat and brought out three different pairs of shoes that he thought would fit my needs. I tried them all on and practiced running on the track in the store just to feel the comfort level. The feel of the shoes were so much different than my everyday Nike Flex Run shoes that I thought were perfect for me.

Once I picked the shoe that felt best, he took me back to the treadmill and had me run again while he took video again of my foot pattern. I thought they felt great – but based on his video he didn’t think the shoes were giving me the most support so he had me try three more pairs. The process continued and in the end, one of the pairs in the second round worked for me.

I felt like the service and the knowledge that I received was fantastic. I learned so much in the 45 minutes that I was there about how important the shoes you wear are when you are exercising. I have been wearing the shoes since Sunday and have worked out three times in them and my feet feel great after my workouts. They don’t make me run faster or jump higher – but the support they give me is just as important. The next time you are looking for a good running shoe, I highly suggest heading to a specialty store before you hit Kohl’s or Foot Locker. Nothing against those stores, but the product from Performance Running Outfitters was a perfect 10!

Has anyone else ever been to this type of specialty store? Share your experience below!



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