Helpful Resources from Educators, Part I

When you become a member of Educators Credit Union, yes, you are a member-owner, but the benefits don’t stop there. Educators strives to make all of your financial transactions not only easy to complete, but easy to understand as well.

Are you going to be making a purchase soon or need credit and you are concerned about your credit score? Educators goes beyond a simple number by providing the “What’s Your Score” educational tool. You can learn the tips and tricks for establishing your credit and maintaining it.

The helpful tool can also assist you with correcting sub-par credit and teach you about protection. Having a high credit score is nice, but with identity theft, hacking and stolen cards, you can quickly get on the blacklist.

Learn to track your credit, have easy access to payment history on your accounts and monitor your transactions for inaccuracies. Want to find out what’s on your credit report and what it all means? Then go to any of your local Educators branches in Wisconsin and ask about the What’s Your Score? program.

And it’s not a one-and-done tool—Educators will continue to work with you and your credit. Educators will go over your credit report with you so you fully understand what is happening, and why.



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