The Educators Difference, Part II

When it comes to anything within the financial spectrum, the key is trust and understanding the motives behind business practices. With Educators Credit Union, you don’t have to wonder. The way financial transactions and operations are handled at Educators revolve around the fact that it is a member-owned institution.

By joining the Educators team, you are not a customer, but a member-owner. As a member-owner, you become eligible for all of the many deals, paybacks and low rates offered by Educators. Since profit is not the guiding directive, Educators is able to give money back to members just like you.

Another thing to keep in mind about the Educators difference is the fact that it is all set up as a financial cooperative. That means that the residents in Wisconsin can join together for mutual economic benefits. The competitive rates along with low or no fees allows members to keep more of their money.

Need a loan? Educators responsibly lends money to qualifying members so you will be covered when you need more money. If you need an auto loan, Educators is your one-stop location for your all your car buying needs.

You can work directly with an auto loan specialist and even shop at different dealerships without driving around town to different locations.

The bottom line with Educators is that the members come first. When you need to make smart financial decisions, let Educators help guide you in the right direction. For all of your financial needs, contact Educators today.

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