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I found my go-to gift for 2014!

Do you have those people in your life (or in my case, on my list) who are difficult to shop for? You want to get a special something for them, but can’t think of what to get? I am not a big fan of giving gift cards. I know they are an easy solution but I like to put thought into any gift that I give. I feel like gift cards can be a cop-out gift.

I’m not saying I’ve never given a gift card, but if I do, I generally pair it with something heartfelt and thoughtful.

This year, I found (what I think, at least) is the perfect “go-to gift” for any female on my list. This item is around the $15 mark, so it serves as a perfect “little something” or the perfect thing I like to pair with a gift card, if I am obliged to buy one for someone.

Snoozies! They are slip-on slippers that are “blinged” out in different colored sequins. They are super soft on the inside and super cute on anyone’s feet. I carry a pair in my purse and slip them on whenever I need some comfort. They come in all different colors — black, gold, silver, ruby red (my favorite!), pink, blue and a few others. They also have a sequined bow on the top. OMG – I love them! And anyone I have ever given them to has always said the same.

Locally, I have seen them in most Hallmark stores and also at Stein. I have also purchased pairs on Amazon.

I haven’t been lucky enough to come up with a “go-to gift” for a male yet. I’m sure someday I will stumble upon something — but for now I am running with my Snoozies. Hands down, best gift ever.

Have you found have any “go-to gifts?” Share them in the comments below.



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