Saving money and looking good doing it

If you know me, you know one thing about me: I really hate spending money. Many of my friends call me cheap and give me a hard time about it. It’s something I’ve just accepted and am perfectly fine with.

Another thing to know about me is that I enjoy dressing well and shop more than the average male.

You would think that these two things wouldn’t go together and in a lot of ways they don’t, but I have found ways to make it work.

From an early age I learned how to be a smart shopper. It’s something that I learned from my mom, someone who can spot deals better than anyone I know.

When I was younger, we would walk through big department stores like Boston Store or Macy’s and I would always want a Ralph Lauren polo or a new pair of jeans. My mom would tell me no every time and say we could get the same thing for much cheaper at other places. We would then go across the street to T.J. Maxx and find the same shirts and jeans for a fraction of the cost. I learned very quickly that I could get more for my money if I knew how to look.

Now I’ve become a pro in my own right. I’ve found $100 jeans for $15 on a store’s sale rack. Recently, I wore a great suit to my brother’s wedding. After some great discounts, I paid $45 for that suit. If you’re willing to dig around a little bit, you can save tons of money and get so much more.

Some discounts aren’t advertised, but are available if you just ask for them. Ask for them. I always ask if stores have a student discount and many do. If you are a teacher or veteran, you are also eligible for discounts at a lot of places. Every discount helps.

The money my mom saved from shopping sales for clothes and other items left her with money to help me with my education. Me doing the same leaves me with money to do things I love, like taking trips with friends and family.

These are the things that create the best memories and deserve my hard-earned cash. I also like to think I look pretty good while I do it.

Now it’s time to spill — what are the best ways you get discounts and save money when you shop?

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