Credit Union Financing vs. Dealer Financing

You are finally in a position to buy a new or pre-owned car. You have shopped around and have picked out the vehicle that will fit and match your budget and lifestyle. Now, all that is left is figuring out the optimal payment option so you end up owning the car, and not the other way around.

Most automobiles are financed through a credit union or similar financial institution or directly through the dealership that is selling the car. These two finance methods are dramatically different, and if you want the most benefits, savings and security, getting a car loan through a credit union is the way to go.

For starters, Educators member finance representatives will work with you through every step of your loan process. Their goal is to help you understand all the aspects of the money you are borrowing — not to try to rush you through the process so they can get the vehicle off the lot, like many dealerships will do.

The biggest advantage of getting your vehicle financed through Educators Credit Union compared to a dealership is that the rates are so much better. A lot of customers get to the car lot and are excited and ready to buy so they take the loan offered by the seller. With Educators, you don’t have to wait and guess about what your rate will end up being and won’t get stuck if there are hidden taxes and fees associated with the deal.

And with Educators, you can get pre-approved before you even start shopping. That way, you will know your price range and what can realistically afford. When financing is taken care of beforehand, the closing gets done quicker and you have more room to negotiate the final price.

Do you currently have a car or truck loan with a dealership? Stop by any Educators location to learn about how you can refinance with your current financial institutions or dealer so you can qualify for the low rates offered by Educators. The best way to get your new vehicle at the best possible price is by getting a loan through Educators Credit Union.

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