Business in Front: Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room

The business of reading

Reading can be fun. And learning to read should be fun, too.

That is the goal of Tammy Myers and Kimberly Silverstein, presi- dent and vice president, respectively, of Mrs. Myers’ Reading Room, a Racine program for kids age 3 to 12, to teach reading skills and encourage a love of reading.

The pair met when Tammy was a speech therapist working with Kimberly’s son.

“She had this idea to help all kids learn to read,” Kimber- ly said about Tammy. “So we put our heads together, and she had been thinking about just making a really fun program that appeals to the learning styles of chil- dren of this day and age.”

The program uses technology and fast-paced, multi-sensory program to teach reading. Students attend 50 minutes twice a week, and the program is set up in four chapters.

“Kids like to be moving,” Kimberly said. “It’s very fast-paced, very fast-moving program. If they make a mistake, they don’t have time to dwell on it. It’s a really fun, fun program and a fun way to learn to read.”

Tammy said the program works, even if students don’t even know they’re learning.

“Students just think they’re playing,” Tammy said. “We’ve had parents say, ‘I don’t know if they’re learning anything because they just tell me they had fun.’ But the results are tangible. We have students who have jumped up grade levels in reading from our program.”

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