2 easy ways to save money

It’s not easy to save money, but it’s important to have an emergency fund and save money for retirement — not to mention education expenses and other needs.

At Educators, we try to help our members find ways to save money and here are two ways:


SaveUp is an online program that turns saving into a game. Sign up and link your Educators (and other) accounts and you earn credits for making deposits and paying down debt.

Your credits earn you plays for a variety of prizes, from small amounts of cash, vacations, cars, all the way up to a $2 million SaveUp jackpot. It makes saving a challenge, which triggers your competitive genes and makes you want to save money. Here’s a great article on the “gamification” of personal finance. It talks about using the triggers of a game to make saving fun (and easy).

Check out our SaveUp page to see the 2014 winners. And visit www.saveup.com/educators to sign up and link your accounts and start being rewarded for saving.


ChangeUp is an Educators savings account that is linked to your checking account (E-statements are also required). Then, when you use your debit card to make non-PIN purchases, we round up the amount and deposit the change into your ChangeUp savings account.

In addition, your ChangeUp account earns a higher interest rate than Prime Share Savings. The only deposits allowed in the account are the change from your non-PIN purchases with your debit card, but your change can add up quickly.

Check out these options to find easy ways to save money.

Have any other suggestions to help people find ways to save money? Share them in the comments.

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