Turns out, Dad was right!

Everyone knows you’re supposed to have an emergency fund— three to six months of your living expenses stashed away for an emergency.

My Dad harped… er, regularly reminded me about the importance of having an emergency fund, in case of loss of a job or a major illness.

Or a car breaking down, like mine did a few weeks ago.

I’ve even seen some blog posts on what you should use your emergency fund for that say no to using your emergency fund for car repair, that those costs should come out of your “irregular expenses” savings.

I’m currently working on paying down debt, so my husband and I have just a wee little emergency fund ($1,000) while we focus on debt.

Then, my car’s fuel injectors decided they were done. Well, at least two of them did. And, the spark plugs were not that far behind them. Almost $800 later and my car is running great again. My emergency fund, however, is almost non-existent.

I am so happy it was there, despite the fact that some PF bloggers think I should NOT have used my emergency fund to cover that unexpected but completely necessary cost.

We are building that fund back up a little bit at a time and there is a little bit of anxiety now that the emergency fund is a little anemic. That feels like it’s a healthy anxiety, one that will motivate me to get that emergency fund, even just that wee little emergency fund, built back up so any unforeseen circumstances don’t become true emergencies.

I’m sure my Dad would be happy I listened to him — for once.

(For the record, the picture is not me and my Dad, but the expressions on both people in the picture certainly have been us many, many times over the years. Happy Father’s Day, Dad!)

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