If You’re an Educators Member…You’re Also an Owner

In so many different areas of life, becoming an owner means that you are making a huge personal or financial sacrifice. Planning on becoming a pet owner? Be prepared to sacrifice your time and money to keep your pet happy and healthy. Planning on becoming a home owner? Make sure you’re ready for potential repairs you might have to make. Want to own a professional sports team? Be prepared to sacrifice hundreds of millions of dollars. However, did you know that you are already an owner of Educators Credit Union?

Every member of Educators Credit Union is also an owner. It is part of the cooperative principal that guides credit unions like Educators. Our owners help determine our board and steer the credit union to match the interests of each member/owner of the credit union. This is part of why we host an annual meeting every year, to keep our member/owners informed about what is going on at the credit union and in certain years, to hold elections for spots on our board.

This is all part of the process that we use to help keep us the best Milwaukee Credit Union, the best Racine Credit Union, the best Waukesha Credit Union…heck, the best Credit Union in Southeastern Wisconsin. Unlike other places that might not really take to heart anything their customers might offer, we recognize and appreciate each and every member of our credit union, because they also own it.

With this in mind, 2014 has been a year of celebrating the ownership by our members. Earlier this year, we created a video emphasizing some of the exciting elements of ownership this year.



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