Avoid the dark side at all costs.

There’s a place that people go that few dare to mention, it’s waaay on the dark side of your finances. The check cashing, payday loan, speedy cash, or cash advance places. They rarely get mentioned because most people would like to forget about them after they go to one.

You really can’t prepare yourself on what it’s like to set foot in a check cashing place – it’s kind of like boarding the Death Star with zero Jedi training. They will welcome you in with their bright shiny talk of getting you cash fast! Then, there’s the fine print… the fine, fine print. They never tell you about the 300+% interest rate (I’m not doing marketing math and adding a zero – it’s really THREE HUNDRED!), how they are one step above a loan shark and once you start going you won’t be able to stop. It’s a terrible, terrible place to be – and a last resort for many people. It makes my stomach turn worse than seeing Jabba the Hut face to face.

There is a bright side to all of this financial failure talk though, there’s your credit union! We have a financial scenario for practically everyone who has a bad week, month or year with their cash flow. That’s what makes us different, special, on the bright side, whatever you want to call it. We definitely want to help, stop in and see us!

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