Wednesday Web Wrangling: Finding Your Best Budgeting Strategy

Happy Wednesday, everyone! And welcome to October. Ah, fall… cooler temperatures, playoff baseball, Pumpkin Spice Lattes at Starbucks… what’s not to love?

Enjoy these blog posts I found this week:

Finding Your Best Budgeting Strategy and Sticking With It: So, I’ve made a budget. I’ve even kept up with it for a few months. Then I fall off the wagon. And then get back on. It’s a vicious cycle, because when I climb back on the budgeting wagon, it’s generally because things have gotten out of control, either I-can’t-put-gas-in-my-car-until-payday-tomorrow out of control or I-paid-the-bills-and-have-four-dollars-to-last-two-weeks out of control. Claire at Ready for Zero’s blog has a great post about how to find the budgeting method that is going to work for you so you can stick with it. Her plan takes into account your financial weaknesses, your motivators and, perhaps most importantly, your learning style. It’s a great place to start. Ready for Zero is an online tool for managing your debt, tracking credit and building wealth, according to their homepage. They’ve won some awards and the reviews look good, so that might be worth checking out, too.

Frugality Isn’t the Only Answer : I know we’ve talked about side hustles and earning more in the past and this post really answers the why of “Why do I need a side hustle?” In personal finance, there’s really one choice — be frugal or earn more money. But here’s the thing: it’s not really an either-or proposition, as Robert discusses in this guest post on Frugal Portland. Balance is the key. Find the balance between frugality and earning more. Because if you aren’t smart about how you spend your money, you could have Bill Gates-type money, and you’ll still be broke. But if you hustle, and are smart, you can have nice things and not be in debt. And just to show that you should take the time to read Frugal Portland even though we are a Racine credit union (and a Milwaukee credit union and a Waukesha credit union… you get the picture, definitely not Portland), check out another guest post about the Ten Commandments of Personal Finance. With tips like “Remember to pay yourself first, and keep it holy” it’s good information, presented in an only slightly sacrilegious way.

The Definitive Financial Checkup for 30-somethings: Rob at has some advice for 30-somethings trying to make something of themselves against a backdrop of stagnant wages, high unemployment and low home values. In this first part of the upcoming series, Rob takes a look at budgeting and retirement. He teases to Part 2, where he will tackle debt-related goals for 30-somethings.

What To Buy (and avoid buying) in October: Wisebread tackles this topic each month, and it’s good information to have. It is posted the first of each month, so it’s a good day to go look at their site.

Today’s (not-really) funny (but really cool) thing. Enjoy.

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